For over a decade, I have been designing digital products: SaaS, mobile apps, e-commerce and websites.

Currently, I design a product management platform at Productboard.
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Below are previews of selected recent projects I worked on.

Increasing user engagement in Productboard's Insights

Enabling feedback analysis for product managers while achieving two business outcomes: supporting retention and increasing user engagement.

Insights Trends in Productboard
  • Before: Insights in Productboard are collections of notes that product managers have to read through manually to find patterns and trends.
  • After: New Trends view on top of any set of feedback with analytics modules to enable product managers analyse trends over time, features, segments and tags to find new opportunities.

My role

Researching the problem with the PM, collaborating with product trio on finding viable solution, designing and testing the solution (both for value and usability), supporting iterative delivery (from early beta until GA launch).


31% increase in Weekly Active Users of Insights within 90 days of release.

Flexible filtering in Productboard

Bringing a more flexible filtering experience to Productboard that powers a new generation of more performant boards that product managers use to visualise their data.

New filtering experience in Productboard
  • Before: Filtering is only possible based on feature attributes. Product managers cannot filter by other entities in the product (e.g. objectives). Limited logical operators, not enough flexibility to support advanced use cases.
  • After: Flexible filtering experience on more entities beyond features. Ability to combine multiple filters. Vastly expanded set of logical operators on individual filters and enabled OR filtering.

My role

Taking over the project mid-discovery after a company re-org. Quickly getting up to speed and designing scalable interaction model for selecting attributes from any number of entities. Testing the solution for usability. Getting to production-ready designs within two months and supporting iterative delivery of various filter types. All in a collaborative effort involving the whole product team.


Feature was recently shipped to a closed beta. Success will be measured as part of overall CSAT metric. Qualitative customer feedback so far indicates success. Customers appreciate the new filtering experience, citing mainly more flexibility with added logical operators as the biggest improvement. (personal project)

Creating a curated collection of thinking tools and framework.

Years ago, I began to look into purposefully improving my thinking. I found plenty of models and frameworks but I couldn't find one place that would offer a good overview of them.

In 2020, I set out to solve this by building a curated collection of thinking tools to help people solve problems, make decisions and understand systems. I challenged myself into building the site on my own – from initial design to full implementation and marketing.

Launched in May 2020 on Product Hunt, the project ended up being an unexpected success with receiving a Golden Kitty Award as #2 Side Project in 2020. Tens of thousands people still visit the site monthly as of late 2023.

To make the project sustainable and independent, I created a set of paid templates to complement the website content. These have sold to hundreds of customers and created over 15k USD in revenue as of late 2023.