Who are you?

I'm a product designer. For over a decade, I have been designing digital products: SaaS, mobile apps, e-commerce and websites. Right now, I design a product management platform at Productboard. I also make side-projects from time to time, most recently https://untools.co/.

Why this blog?

I believe writing is a critical skill for knowledge workers. I try to develop it through this blog. And I want to give back to the community by sharing what I know.

Why should I subscribe?

You'll get new posts in your inbox as I publish them. Over time, I'm also planning on publishing member-only content. Members can also comment on posts.

What's this site built on?

Ghost. The previous version of this site was custom-built on GatsbyJS with markdown-powered content but I decided to move to Ghost so that I can focus more on writing instead of maintaining the website itself.