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Designing websites that succeed

Web design is about goals. You as a business have yours and your customers have theirs. I design websites that cater for both.

Designing websites that succeed

Having a proven process

I know from my experience that for a website to succeed there are phases in its creation which you simply cannot underestimate.



Deeply understanding your business as well your customers and users is a crucial thing that enable me to create great solutions.

Skipping research phase means throwing away of discovering opportunities to create better content, propositions and experience for your customers.


Strategy & prototyping

Having all the information I need from the research phase, I transform that knowledge into something tangible: documents outlining strategy of the website and an interactive prototype.

Interactive prototype allows for early user testing and quick iterations which greatly help reduce costs during the process of creating a website.

Strategy & prototyping

Visual design

Great visual design will not save your website if the website is not well though-out from the start. But when it is, it vastly helps to support its goals.

Great visual design is aligned with your brand, elicits desired emotions among website’s visitors and is visually appealing. That’s how I do it.

Visual design

It doesn't end there...

Web designer’s work shouldn’t end with handing over the deliverables.

User testing, supervising development, tracking website’s performance and working with the client to further improve it – all that is vital for website’s success.

Knowing my way around

I’ve been designing websites for over 5 years.
All that experience in combination with constant self-education allows me to create meaningful solutions for my clients.

Various environments

I have worked internationally as a freelancer, for agencies and also in a startup.

I was lucky enough to work with one of the best people I know in the industry and learn from them.

Projects of varying size and topics

Business websites, government projects or non-profit presentations. Small product landing pages, bigger e-commerce sites or a web application for tens of thousands of people to use daily.

During my career I have worked on over 100 projects.


Web design is a fast-changing industry and I make a priority in learning what’s new so I can deliver a state of the art solutions.

I constantly seek new knowledge from diverse sources to stay on top of my game: book, articles, conferences, online courses, meetups etc.

Don't take my word for it.

We have decided to change the culture of purchasing new roofs and we needed a modern and clean website design for that. Adam grasped our input perfectly, designed wireframes and eventually website graphics - all responsive.

He was actively participating on supervising the development and was always available to the developer. He was delivering on his promises, meeting deadlines and was very proactive. Working together like that is really pleasing nowadays.

— Tomáš Zejval,

Where are all the pretty pixels?

Don’t worry, I have prepared some examples of my work for you to see.

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